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Do you need a mentor? A mentor is someone who has the experience, knowledge, skills, and the right credentials. They have already experienced their own success in an area (or areas) that you would like to succeed in. Mentors are qualified and trustworthy advisors. Famous athletes and sports people have long been working with coaches, who are regarded as essential success partners. They assist these athletes and sports stars to stretch and grow, to push boundaries with their potential, develop their talents and improve their performance overall. It’s understandable that people are now taking the same approach in working with mentors for other personal, academic, and business pursuits to reach their goals and achieve their desired outcomes of success.

At Best Mentors, we specialise in helping you find the best mentors to assist you in achieving your goals in just about any area that you could think of.


Learn from someone who’s already successfully “conquered the kind of mountain” and successfully walked the road you want to take.

Learning from your mistakes has its place and value in life. It may seem like a good idea and a way to save money, but when it comes to business and other areas, reducing the learning curve by working with a mentor can be a great way not only to save time and frustration but also save you from making costly mistakes and therefore money in the long run.

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We are always adding to the Mentor Directory.

Being a mentor can be a rewarding and worthwhile way to multiply your impact and contribution to the world by transferring your knowledge, skills, and experience in a practical and real-world way by sharing them with proteges who are keen to learn.  It also feels good to know that you are helping someone achieve success on their journey, in their chosen field.

If you are an expert in just about any field, we want to hear from you! We are constantly looking for the world’s best mentors to list on our Mentor Directory.  This ensures that people really do have access to the best mentors in the world through our website.  We can also help you if you would like to share your knowledge, skills, and expertise, by training you to become a mentor right here at Best Mentors.

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We're not just another mentor website – our mentors are extraordinary

Best Mentors was created from both personal experience and the growing popularity of mentoring relationships.

  • We stringently vet all our mentors for authenticity, quality assurance and compatibility with our values.
  • Our focus is on serving the global marketplace with the best selection of local and international mentors.

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