The inspiration to start Best Mentors came about when founder Tori Moses experienced life-changing lessons from her own personal mentors. Tori decided she wanted others to have easy access to the best mentors in the world. She also recognised the need for space where people with the right knowledge, skills, and experience could better the world and multiply their effectiveness by becoming a mentor and mentoring others.

And Best Mentors was created…

Having an excellent, professional mentor is now easily within the reach of any person not only here in Australia, but worldwide. Whether you have a personal or professional goal, the easiest and fastest route to achieving it is to find someone who has already done the kind of thing you want to do. Makes sense, right? We learn from others who have gone before and conquered the same type (or similar) mountain that we’re trying to take. You save yourself, time money and costly mistakes by getting a mentor.

Mentors share their knowledge, skills, and expertise with you and advise you on the best action to take to reach your goals. They encourage and support you to stretch and grow, to push limits and help you to develop to reach your full potential. Mentors equip you to succeed, they help you to win at life, in whatever area you are looking to develop or specialize in, we have mentors in our Mentor Directory. A mentor can show you the fastest path to success. You get to benefit from the years they have already navigated accomplishing goals that were perhaps like yours in the same areas that you want to. As their protégé, you can glean from their experiences of challenges and trials. By doing this you can avoid making the same (or similar) errors or experiencing unnecessary hardships and pitfalls.

Best Mentors was birthed from a vision to make the world a better place. Best Mentors is of the utmost integrity and believe in helping others. Not only do we want to give you access to quality mentors who are willing and able to help you learn new skills and have an amazing life, but we believe that “actions speak louder than words”.  We are proud to support several charities because our whole ethos at Best Mentors is that “we rise by lifting others”. Ten percent of every listing fee paid by our mentors to be featured on our Mentor Directory will be donated to a worthy cause. For more information on the charities that we support, please see our Charity Involvement page.

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