Mentor case studies

Working with a mentor can give you an edge on achieving an outcome or goal. This is because you can bypass costly mistakes and work the shortest and best possible path for you and your circumstances. We look forward to your experience with a Mentor. We would love to list it as a case studies on this page below. 

Below are just a few examples of how working with a mentor can change your life for the best.

Case Study One

David was a young man when he signed up to be mentored by a successful farmer. He lived on the farm for a few seasons and completed all the daily tasks of running a farm with the assistance of and under the instruction/guidance of his mentor. Not only did David learn many useful and practical farming skills, but he also acquired many life skills and by his own admission he still applies the wisdom and knowledge he gained from his mentor during his everyday life and whilst running his businesses.  By reading books and working with mentors, David became a multi-millionaire.

Case Study Two

Sheila is a single mother of two children, she started working with a mentor by purchasing online (home) courses in Real Estate.  Sheila, now also a millionaire, has applied the knowledge that she received from her mentor to invest in Real Estate.  She now owns millions of dollars in property and she says that she accredits her wealth to what she learned from her mentor.  She said that she couldn’t have achieved what she has without the expert guidance and help from her mentor.

Case Study Three

Alan and Sue were beside themselves when Alan’s job (which had brought in a steady income) was not an available option to him anymore.  Alan was the main “breadwinner” of the couple who when Alan became unemployed could not provide for his wife.  Alan started working with a mentor to better his circumstances.  Alan paid his mentor to coach him personally and started his own business.  Now in the black, with a thriving business, Alan can comfortably pay for all the household bills and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with his wife.  Both Alan and Sue admitted that things could have been very different if Alan had not invested in working with a mentor.

Your story could be here! We’d love to hear your success story.
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