When you choose to list on our Best Mentors Directory as a mentor you help more than just yourself

Charity Involvement by Best Mentors: We’re in the business of connecting people to improve their lives by using Best Mentors. It makes perfect sense to sow into the outstanding work of worthy charities that we know are doing an amazing job to better the lives of others.

For every mentor that lists with Best Mentors, we’ll donate 10% of the mentor listing fee to our supported charities. This is part of Best Mentors’ gratitude for your sign up and participation. It also lessens the hardships for others who are suffering, which we believe is the right thing to do. We truly do believe that we rise by lifting others.

Our Support

Best Mentors makes the world a better place not only for providing the world’s best mentors and helping people succeed but by supporting the earnest organizations that are listed below.

  • Destiny Rescue (rescuing children from sex slavery)
  • Compassion Australia (freeing Children from poverty)
  • Christian Blind Mission (Restoring sight to the blind and helping those most vulnerable. Children, the poor, those who are afflicted by illness and those who have disabilities)
  • Animals Australia – Responding to the need of those who cannot speak for or defend themselves (abused, suffering and neglected animals in Australia and other countries overseas)
  • Animals Asia – Responding to the need of those who cannot speak for or defend themselves (abused, suffering and neglected animals in Asia)

Thank you in advance for the good that you will be contributing to by choosing to list on, or work with a mentor that you have found on Best Mentors. By working with us you really are making the world a better place!

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