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We created The Best Mentors Directory for Mentees to Find a Mentor, so you can search for and connect with a mentor that’s right for you. Having the right mentor is quite literally like having a key that unlocks success in your life. The best mentor that you choose, can help you achieve your goals. We have a rigorous quality control process when selecting mentors so that you can choose the right mentor with confidence, knowing that we’ve diligently reviewed their credentials, experience, and motives first. See our Mentor Selection Process or get started right away.  Not sure where to start? Complete your Life Satisfaction Survey today.

How to choose the best mentor

Here are two things to consider that will help you find the best and most suitable mentor.

Your goal.  Perhaps the most important thing to consider is what outcome you are striving to achieve. Just as a map is incredibly useful, it’s not very helpful if you don’t know where you are and where you want to get to first.

Your budget. A mentor is affordable. Generally, the more in-demand and inaccessible an ‘expert’ is, the higher the fee that they will charge for mentoring services. That doesn’t mean though that they are out of reach or that working with them (being mentored by them is not possible). In some cases, established mentors offer quality group coaching or mentoring programs that you can do at your own pace. This makes getting a mentor from our mentor directory, not only more convenient but affordable. Regardless of your budget or your chosen method of engaging with our mentors, we can guarantee that you will learn from them and if you apply the knowledge, skills, and wisdom that you have learned from your mentor to your life it will improve.

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