Is Best Mentors Right For You?

Find out if "Best Mentors" is right for you

Check it out below is Best Mentors Right for You? The benefits for both sides of the mentor/mentee relationship can be significant. This page will help you if you’ve ever wondered whether working with a mentor is worthwhile and how it might help you. This page will also be of help if you’ve ever considered becoming a coach, consultant, or mentor.

For Protégés (mentees)

Best Mentors is the right place for you if you:

  • Want to reach your full potential
  • Want to develop and grow
  • Want to learn new skills from an expert and benefit from their knowledge of how to apply what you’re learning to real life, real-world scenarios of specific interest to you
  • Want a holistic experience of learning from someone who has “been there” and experienced kind of success that you want to
  • Want to save yourself time and money by avoiding costly mistakes and pitfalls by working with a mentor
  • Want to win at life
  • Want to access the world’s best mentors

Here’s Why You Need a Mentor and how it can benefit you professionally and/or personal life.

There are two ways to achieve success. The slow way; by trial and error, learning as you go or the most efficient way; learn from someone else’s mistakes and experience. Our mentors have done the hard yards, spent time and valuable resources to get to where they are (experiencing success) today. Why would you spend time and valuable resources doing things the hard way if you don’t have to? Why would you waste potentially years working things out yourself when you can partner with a mentor to help you achieve your results more swiftly? The purpose of a mentor is to help, guide and advise you to literally show you the way. The best and most effective way to success in our fast-paced world is to Invest in Your Future by getting a mentor.

For Mentors

  • Want to give back and leave a legacy from your knowledge and experience?
  • Want to enhance your CV in your chosen profession or area of expertise?

If either of the two points above describes you, here’s what to do next…

There are many kinds of mentors and you can be a mentor in virtually any field or endeavor.  If you’re passionate about something and are knowledgeable enough about it to be able to help someone who is not yet as far along the path as you, we want to hear from you.

There are some prerequisites that make for a great mentor, we’ve outlined them in the Mentor Selection Process.

If our ethos resonates with you, we’re probably a great match! All you need to do now is complete our Mentor Expression of Interest Form and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

Our mentors are from Australia and abroad.

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For Protégés (Mentees)

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