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Anyone can become a mentor but that doesn’t mean we accept just anyone! We want to make sure our mentors are here with the right reasons and that they are of the highest quality.  We have a selection process because it ultimately helps potential proteges rest assured that they can trust the experts at Best Mentors. We call ourselves Best Mentors and we mean it! We endorse and promote our mentors that we list on Best Mentors so we must have processes for quality assurance to “vet” our mentors and ensure that the mentors on our Mentor Directory are of the highest standard.

Our mentors go through an easy to follow the application process. We check out their credentials, background, and references/ testimonials.  2) We check their understanding of the role of being a mentor and their motivation for becoming a mentor.  If they have valuable skills and expertise but not mentored before or have not been a mentor in the last 5 years, mentors must complete our online mentor training so that they are brought up to a speed of current mentoring practices and standard of being a mentor who is listed on Best Mentors.  We also complete an induction with mentors prior to their approval and listing them on Best Mentors.

Expressions of Interest

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Here are some tips on being a mentor:

  • It’s not necessary to have formal education or to hold formally recognized qualifications. We are looking for people whose results speak for themselves, if you are self-educated or trade qualified, no problem, there will be people who will want to be mentored by you.
  • It’s the ability to relate well to others and impart wisdom to help another person move towards or achieve their goal, that makes a great mentor.
  • A mentor should have patience. Your protégé (mentee) is a bit like an apprentice, they likely don’t yet have the same level of experience or even confidence that you might have.
  • Respect. We can all learn from each other. Even as a mentor, your student or protégé comes to you with their own unique experiences and knowledge.

Here’s what you need to be one of our qualified mentors

  • You’re already doing mentoring
  • You have not mentored before but would love to (you have skills, knowledge, and experience).
  • You have been an educator, coach or trainer and would like to diversify.

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, why not get started now. You must be willing to share your knowledge and experience, open to sharing resources with others, and would get paid for doing so. We welcome applications from experts of all ages and backgrounds, within Australia and abroad.

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