The terms and conditions of Best Mentors

Our goal is to provide a reputable portal where mentees (protégés) can find a suitable and compatible mentor. While we do have screening guidelines for mentors apply, we do not participate (other than screening and presentation of the mentors on our directory), in the relationships between the mentor and mentee. Our head office is in Australia and our mentors and mentees are based in many locations internationally.

The following are our formal Terms and Conditions.

Definitions are as follows

  • Mentor a trusted and expert advisor.
  • You (yourself) the person engaging with our service via our Mentor Directory on Best
  • Best Mentors the business behind whose head office is on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia
  • a website at on which there is a Mentor Directory which is an online marketplace for world-class mentors.
  • Mentees/ Proteges are people who come to who are looking to engage a mentor to work with them for the purposes of mentoring services.

When you engage with Best Mentors, you have the choice as a mentor whether to list yourself as a mentor and your mentoring services or not of your own free will.

The listing of mentors on the Best Mentors Directory is subject to checks such as background checks, checks of referees and credentials, etc. By applying to become a mentor with Best Mentors you understand that there will be an application process and checks completed for the safety of and quality assurance for mentees/ protégés who are looking to engage professional mentor services from the mentors who are listed on our directory at Best Mentors.

Mentees/Proteges select from our world-class mentors on our Mentor Directory, the mentors that they choose to work with by engaging with these mentors for the purpose of paid (or in some cases unpaid) mentoring services to reach their own personal/ professional goals.

Mentors having been vetted via checks through the application process after paying the listing fee (and completing the online mentor training if required) will be listed on the Mentor Directory on

Mentees/ Proteges contact the mentor/s of their choosing via the mentors’ contact details on the Best Mentors Directory

Mentors and Mentees/ Protégés complete all payment, mentoring and transactions with the mentors via the mentor’s websites (preferred method of contact) the mentoring arrangements are separate to the processes and procedures on and the mentoring mode of delivery/ method of engagement, terms, and conditions for the mentoring which takes place between the mentors and mentees/ proteges is separate to refunds should be sort from the mentor if the mentee/ protégé is dissatisfied for any reason and refunds given by the mentor as per the mentors terms and conditions stated at the time of sale and the agreement entered into by the mentors and mentees/ proteges .

Listing fees and terms and conditions for mentors listing on the Best Mentors Directory via are final for the term selected by the mentor and are not negotiable.

If by chance either mentors or mentees are dissatisfied with the service provided by Best Mentors/ it is suggested that the Mentor or Mentee/Protégé contact Best Mentors via [email protected]  or telephone us to discuss the matter and resolve the issues.

For slanderous or fake reviews about Best Mentors or, the relevant authorities will be contacted, and damages sought by the means of legal recourse. We at Best Mentors are more than willing to accept genuine feedback and constructive criticism. We will always do our utmost to provide an excellent service to our clients (both mentees/ protégés and mentors) and our very best to resolve any conflict or personal issues which may arise between mentors and mentees/protégés, however it is hoped that we are all adults and that mentors and proteges (as well as Best Mentors) can fulfill their obligations as per service agreements (these terms and conditions) and resolve any conflicts so that everyone is satisfied.

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