What is a mentor?

Advisor, coach, consultant, educator, expert, success partner, and trainer.  All these terms can be considered as titles for a mentor. Successful people in almost all fields and endeavors rarely get there without working with a mentor.  It’s virtually unheard of for an elite athlete not to have a coach.  Interestingly even people at the top of their game (in fact, especially so) almost always have someone to mentor or coach them to develop and to help them to achieve results.

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Why do it alone. A mentor can help you:

  • Avoid pitfalls
  • Move beyond your comfort zone
  • Gain confidence
  • Achieve your goals
  • Keep accountable to your goals
  • Succeed

Find an expert in a wide range of personal and business fields at our page Find a Mentor. Find a mentor in Australia or abroad to start mentorship.

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For Protégés (Mentees)

Take the smart route to success. Almost every person who has ever achieved personal or professional success has done it with the help of a mentor.Read more...

For Mentors | Find A Mentor | Best Mentors

For MenTors

You don’t have to be a ‘celebrity’ or online ‘influencer’ to become a mentor. Mentors can be as diverse as the personalities and interests of their mentees.Read more...

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