Why You Need A Mentor

There are many reasons you need a mentor

Why You Need A Mentor: Having a mentor is a sign of strength. The most successful people in life have almost always, received coaching or mentoring at some stage on their journey to success. This growing demand is spurring the rapid growth of online courses and coaching. The internet has truly created a level playing field in many areas of our daily lives including the option to find and hire the right mentor.

The relationship between a mentor and protégé (mentee) should be clearly defined. A great mentor can offer and be many different things. A mentor can guide or train you, offer you advice, critique by offering constructive feedback, be your sounding board, offer inspiration when you need it, and perhaps even provide useful contacts.

Here are some of the things having a mentor can do for you.

  • Decrease the gradient of your learning curve by leveraging someone else’s wisdom
  • Inspire you
  • Stretch you and help you to develop and grow
  • Hold you accountable
  • Connect you with people
  • Support you to achieve your goals

Choose a mentor from Australia or from overseas

The beauty of Best Mentors is that we have attracted the best mentors from across a broad range of professions and areas of expertise worldwide. Our mentors offer many types of mentoring arrangements and styles to fit your needs, your schedule, and your budget.  There’s no reason you can’t work with more than one mentor in succession (one after another) on the same or different focus areas.

We encourage you to take our Life Satisfaction Survey to help you understand the best place for you to start. Completing the Life Satisfaction Survey also assists you to gain clarity on how you could benefit from having a mentor and helps you identify the best kind of mentor for you. Providing us with feedback helps us enrich our Mentor Directory with the right mentors. It also helps both us at Best Mentors and our mentors themselves refine our way of doing things to give our clients the best mentoring experience possible.

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